Jóvenes Adelante, A.C. provides scholarships and other essential support for talented, economically disadvantaged Mexican youth.

Roger and AnaVision

Jóvenes ¡Adelante! enables young Mexicans facing economic adversity to acquire the academic and life skills necessary to foster positive social and economic change in their society.

What we do

Since 2001 Jóvenes ¡Adelante! has helped nearly 200 students obtain university degrees.  Our standards are high.  Through a rigorous screening process - including two interviews, one with the applicant's family - the brightest and most financially challenged students are identified and assessed.  Applicants who are accepted receive scholarships of 13,000 pesos per year for the duration of their undergraduate career.

English SupportThe Jóvenes ¡Adelante! program is distinguished from other scholarship programs through the support that goes beyond financial relief.  We offer a range of group & individualized programs to students that reinforce educational efforts, raise awareness and foster individual responsibility.  The activities of Jóvenes ¡Adelante! have provoked the conversation about how to establish a culture of education that can be competitive in today’s global world, ultimately leading to gainful employment or enterprise.

In addition to receiving financial assistance, students:

  • Are paired with mentors for guidance and friendship
  • Can attend no-cost English classes (as English proficiency is key to professional success in a global economy)
  • Participate in student meetings where useful programs are presented and where lifelong friendships and networking opportunities are built.

When students succeed (and they do succeed against all odds), not only do they realize personal satisfaction and a viable career in Mexico, but the quality of life of their proud families and communities is greatly enriched.


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