Jóvenes Adelante provides financial assistance, mentorship and customized support to high-achieving, economically disadvantaged San Miguel de Allende youth in pursuit of higher education.


Jóvenes Adelante unlocks a radically more expansive future for the youth of Mexico by easing financial barriers to higher education, while simultaneously developing their success and leadership skills.


5 year financial commitment

Each student receives over $1,000 USD per year over the course of their entire university career to be used toward payment of school fees and/or tuition, books, rent, transportation, etc.


Mentors are our most important means of non financial support. Meeting students monthly throughout their university studies, mentors serve as combination coach, cheerleader, sounding board and advisor. Mentors link the student to the JA office, ensuring that JA staff are up-to-date with the student’s progress and able to coordinate responses to the student’s emerging needs. Both Mexican nationals and expatriates, mentors often develop strong and enduring relationships that are deeply rewarding for both mentor and mentee.

Success Skills

Personal and professional success requires more than academic success. JA requires a host of adjunct skill building workshops, from self-esteem development and presentation skills to resumé writing and interviewing, from nutrition and financial management to leadership and non-verbal communication.


The transition to university life is a huge leap for our students, many of whom have not been outside their home communities before. The overall culture shock of changing family dynamics and living independently, financial pressures and responsibility, academic expectations, or unexpected crises are part of the process of adjustment to adulthood. JA counselors provide professional guidance for students to meet these challenges and grow as young adults, as well as successfully completing their academic programs.

Grad Network

Our graduates stay connected with each other and with JA’s family. Graduates return as volunteers, success stories, and mentors. JA maintains a two way communication with students and graduates regarding job opportunities and other offerings.


Every student is given a new laptop computer loaded with software specific to that student’s area of study.


All of our students are required to demonstrate english proficiency in their field of study. Our volunteers actively provide English coaching.

Professional Credentials

In Mexico, new graduates need to go through a Título and Certificación Profesional/Cédula process that grants them professional licensure. As this is costly and time-consuming, we provide assistance to most students after graduation.

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