When you sponsor a student, you change the course of a student’s life… a change that brings upward social mobility, alters a family trajectory, and impacts the entire community. As a sponsor, you will be assigned a student to follow over the course of his or her university education. Of course, meet and greet opportunities can be arranged. We love our students and so will you. Love and Pride.

Lack of funds is the biggest barrier to entry to university education in Mexico. Our scholarships open the door.

5 Year Support Start To Finish​

Your pledge is a great gift.

$149 A month...

less than a glass of table wine per day - to change the course of a life.

An Impact...

that can’t be imagined in the US for a few thousand dollars. ​

Progress reports

You will receive a quarterly report so you can follow your student’s progress and challenges.

A five year commitment to a student’s education 
changes lives and creates future leaders.

Premium Sponsorship 2023* includes scholarship +
a laptop + final credentialing. Supports one student for 5 years.

$149 a month

Half and Half ** Partnering with someone or JA for half/half sponsorship is also possible.

$75 a month

* Total SINGLE Premium Sponsorship Commitment is $9000 / $1800 annually / $149 monthly.

** Total Half and Half Commitment is $4500 / $900 annually / $75 monthly. 


Recurring monthly payments for 5 years can be set up with your credit card automatically.

Other payment options available.

If you wish to make a different contribution, please choose
«General Donation» on the donation page:



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Each student needs a sponsor


Committed sponsors

Know more about the progress of our selection process for our incoming class: 

As a sponsor, a student will be assigned to your sponsorship. Here is what to look forward to:

  • The proud satisfaction that comes from knowing that you are helping a very worthy student;
  • Quarterly updates on your student’s progress;
  • Regular editions of our electronic newsletter Destinos Brillantes;
  • Meet-your-student opportunities, if you’d like to meet your student. We will do our best to facilitate meet-ups! Many students attend universities elsewhere in Mexico, but they generally return home in July and during the Christmas-New Year holidays. There will be other group get-togethers for those interested. We can also arrange online meet-ups;
  • Sponsor privileges at JA events.

One journey of success: Jonathan Salgado

FRESHMAN 2016 Mechanical Engineering.
Jonathan wins national design and simulation award while he was studying at ITSES.
Graduated 2019 employed by Carrier at Monterrey.

We do not commit a scholarship to any student until that scholarship is fully funded by either the full donation or a pledge over a period up to five years.