EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, Angélica Argüelles García

Angie earned a university degree in business administration, and has worked as executive administrative assistant, a travel sales manager, and a small business manager. “It’s very important to help young people because they are the future of the nation, and without our support, we might miss the opportunity for them to light our way forward.”

Contact: aarguelles@jovenesadelante.org


My name is Casandra Espinoza, I have a degree in Business Administration with a master's degree in Organizational Development, I have 4 years of experience as an administrator of another NGO in San Miguel de Allende. Today, I am proud not only of being a Destino Brillante that Jóvenes Adelante helped to finish my degree, but also being able to say that now I am a member of this team that day by day works to grant scholarships to many more students as their administrative coordinator.

Contact: c.espinoza@jovenesadelante.org


Saray has a degree in Psychology and brings an NGO background of working with children – mostly girls – to transform their life trajectories. Now as JA’s Student Relations Coordinator, Saray embraces the chance to assist each JA student reach their full potential. She believes, “It’s not simply about academic achievement – it’s about seeing past your pre-set limits, opening your mind to the world and achieving even more than you thought you could.”

Contact: s.martinez@jovenesadelante.org


Dulce Monserrat Cerritos Bustamante, Selection Process Coordinator Dulce comes from twelve years in a high-stress management position in the private sector. Her organizational skills and "grace under fire" approach make her a perfect fit for the challenges of student recruitment and selection. Having struggled to secure funding for her own university career, Dulce now welcomes the chance to help other students succeed where she missed out, saying, "I see myself in each applicant and I know how they feel. For me, it's a gift to be part of an organization that will ensure their success."

Contact: d.cerritos@jovenesadelante.org


I have a degree in business administration with a master's degree in Organizational Development; I have worked for almost 10 years for the Secretaría de Educación de Guanajuato, first in the area of educational planning and then in the area of private schools. ​ I am very happy to be part of the Jóvenes Adelante team to continue changing and improving the lives of many children and young people.

Contact: a.lopez@jovenesadelante.org


I have a degree in Business Management from Instituto Sanmiguelense (thanks to their scholarship,) and I have a professional certificate (diplomado) in Strategic Marketing and Merchandising at the Tecnológico de Monterrey. I have been working in industry, specifically digital marketing and communication. At the same time I was a university professor teaching Industrial Property and Business Incubation. I'm delighted to be on the Jóvenes Adelante team, and I hope to add my experience to inspire and achieve goals with the right message by a defined line of communication, and through this consolidate JA’s community. I'm very excited for to now be on the other side, helping other students as I was helped.

Contact: n.alvarez@jovenesadelante.org