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I was infected with helping others in whatever way possible. I also received psychological support, which helped me grow personally. I closed cycles and understood that many times, or most of the time, the most complicated battle is with oneself. In five years, I see myself as an entrepreneur having a couple of businesses with more preparation, supporting my nephews even more so that they continue with their studies, and giving back a little of how much people have helped me in life.

In addition, I would like to continue being part of the Jóvenes Adelante family. I feel great nostalgia knowing that I am very close to ending the program; however, I want to remain in some way. I am extremely grateful to everyone who makes it possible for JA to continue growing and succeeding—perhaps now I cannot support it financially, but I am sure that I can contribute in some other way, and I am at your disposal for it. Finally, I would like to thank each one of those who make up this wonderful program, especially my mentor, my sponsor, JA members Don Krim, Sary, Esther, Angie, and Antonio. I would not finish mentioning to everyone that of course, they are equally important, but I want to tell you that they completely changed my life, and I am sure that now I am closer to having a ‘Brilliant Destiny.’ Thank you very much.
Juan Pablo del Angel
Business Management
I still can't believe that this stage is over; it means so much to me because it is the key piece to being able to build my future and continue to achieve my goals. I could say many more things because I'm very happy, but everything is summarized in a "thank you for making my dream come true;" I know it is nothing compared to what you did for me, it is something so simple for all that you gave for me; I still do not believe that there are people as good and generous as you, there is no doubt that you are one of the pillars that supported this part of my life."
Juana Hernández
Administration / 2022 Grad
Thank you for your support throughout my career, without you this great opportunity would not have been possible. Even though we did not know each other, your support for me was always constant and you were willing to financially support a student with a dream of growing as a person and overcoming a great fear, which was not being able to finish her studies because of financial resources."
Paola Mata
Degree in Elementary Education / 2022 Grad
I [never imagined]…that I would find within the organization people who really care about our personal development. It is not an organization that only gives you financial support [to] do what you want with it, it is much more…It is emotional support, a companion for our stay (our mentors, sponsors, as well as each member of the Jóvenes Adelante team,) it is knowing how you are growing as a person with each requested report, someone who is concerned about your academic development (with grades,) but above all it is an organization that seeks the best for us to grow professionally and personally with each workshop or gathering in which we had the opportunity to attend.!"
Sergio Chavez
Civil Engineering / 2022 Grad
It has been a great adventure for me to be able to go to university, because when I was in high school, I didn't know if my family and I would be able to get enough money to pay for my career, but thanks to the help of Jóvenes Adelante and you, I was able to make my dream come true. Once again, I thank you for all the support you have given me during these 4 years, hoping to see more people like me achieve their dreams."
Carlos Cadena
Computer Engineering / 2022 Grad


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